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Presentation Topics

How to Lead a Team Successfully: This  is designed to give the participants practical tools they can apply to their individual roles. They will learn  how to communicate effectively, create a culture of success and craft a lasting legacy.
Attaining the Next Level- Keys to Getting There: This is designed to give the participants actionable insights into how to take the next steps in their career. They will learn how to leverage strengths, create a net, track results, raise their hand and manage their image.
Grace with Grit: It takes grace AND grit to be a transformational leader. This is a discussion based on Daina Middleton’s  book, Grace Meets Grit. Participants will hear practical suggestions as to how best to  combine both. 
Leadership and Faith... can they co-exist?: Leaders of faith have an opportunity to make challenging decisions every day. Learn how to incorporate your core values into your daily responsibilities and make a difference in the lives of those you lead.
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